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Plant powders

CurcuBlast is made up of three plant-based protein, Pea, Rice and Hemp.


Pea protein is made from yellow split peas, per 30g serving it contains 22g of protein and 100 calories. It is rich in essential branched-chain-amino-acids (BCAA’s) – leucine, isoleucine and valine which help fuel working muscles and helps stimulate the body to make muscle protein.

Muscle gains that have been made whilst consuming pea protein has been likened to that of people consuming whey protein.

Studies involving both humans and animals have suggested that pea protein may promote feelings of fullness and lower blood pressure.11


Brown rice protein is easy to find and relatively inexpensive which makes it a good source of vegan protein to incorporate into your diet. A 30g serving contains around 23g of protein and 110 calories. It is a rich source of BCAA’s and may be as effective as whey protein in supporting muscle growth.12


Hemp protein comes from seeds of the cannabis plant, but from a strain which contains only trace amounts of the compound THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which means it can’t make you high. A 30g serving contains roughly 13g of protein and 110 calories, it is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals such as fibre, iron, zinc, magnesium and alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), the plant form of omega-3 fat.13

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