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Jany Landl – Personal trainer, winner of TV Markiza, Bratislava, Slovakia

I have really enjoyed taking CurcuBlast recently, I’ve been looking for a vegan shake and this one i...

Andrea Zahurancova - Founder of Eyerim – Bratislava, Slovakia

After one year I had to find a new vegan protein as the one I was fed up of the taste and consistenc...

Vegans in Brno – Vegan community – Brno, Czech Republic

Another great vegan shake on the market!...

Vanda Galo - Yoga instructor – Bratislava, Slovakia

I came across CurcuBlast recently and immediately liked it, I could tell what it contained right awa...

Jiří Kašpar – Slevomat manager, Prague, Czech Republic

The first vegan protein shake I’ve really enjoyed. I've tried different brands, but the pea pro...

Vierka Ayisi - Yoga instructor & Actress – Bratislava Slovakia

I have been using CurcuBlast for the last 2 months for breakfast and I would not change it for the w...

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