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Coconut water

Coconut water has become a fan favourite over the last few years, its tasty, healthy, relatively cost effective and easily slots as in a replacement for water or milk in shakes and sports drinks whilst providing tons of great health benefits.

Coconut water is abundant in several electrolytes including potassium, sodium, magnesium. During a sweat session in the summer months coconut water can help to regulate fluid balance and prevent dehydration, this comes in handy when you’re suffering from a bout of diarrhoea or a fever when you’ve lost a lot of fluid. Coconut water can help balance the level of electrolytes better than water in this case.

Lack of hydration in the body can lead to problems with your skin, rendering it flaky, crusty and tight, certain varieties of coconut water are also bolstered with vitamin C which has a great range of antioxidant properties and naturally stimulates collagen synthesis which keeps your skin looking firm, hydrated and young.

As a bonus, coconut water is a great substitute for unhealthy sugary squashes and fizzy drinks, coconut water has little to no added sugar and still packs a punch, it’s a great option for diabetics looking to get their sweet fix by reducing their sugar consumption.

Another great use of coconut water is it can be used by those suffering from a night of drinking, binge drinking leaves us hungover, dehydrated and not at our best. Keeping coconut water stocked in fridge is a great hack allowing you to replenish the lost electrolytes that drinking may have depleted!

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4 pcs 30 g samples of CurcuBlast - the first vegan shake to both taste great and boast an impressive nutritious profile Mango, Tiramisu, Cookie, Vanilla  

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